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New VW Corrado?

New VW Corrado?

New VW Corrado Coupe

Even though the Volkswagen Scirocco is the spiritual successor to the age-old Corrado coupe, what would a direct replacement for the Corrado look like? The people from Miranda Media, particularly Patrick Moczarsky, have offered a suggestion. The design proposals (below) modernizes the styling cues of the original model and does the Corrado some justice.

The car still maintains a strong fan following; although Moczarsky’s proposal is not the real deal, it keeps the fanboy’s dreams alive. Read through the press release for more details.

[expand title=”PRESS RELEASE”]

NEW CORRADO – Concept car by Patrick Moczarsky

February 2010 – Some of us have already wondered what a new motor vehicle on the basis of VW Corrado for serial production would look like. Miranda Media specialists were also intrigued by this question, so they have developed four conceptual sketches that represent the impression based on the view of a new sports car in its serial production and tuning versions. “That’s exactly what the new VW Corrado should look like, and no way else”, says Patrick Moczarsky, a professional designer and graphic artist of Miranda Media.

The expensive concept car represents a dynamic blend of the old model and progressive design. The first draft should focus our attention on how the future Volkswagen car can comprise all the features in a compact model with traditional optics. The project has made it absolutely clear that the old VW Corrado must give place to the “New Corrado”, which could be successfully introduced with the motto: it’s time to say goodbye to the old outfit!

Some design features were remained, however, and replaced by ordinary modern parts. The first thing that strikes the eye here is a small rear spoiler that can be pulled out automatically, just as in the old Corrado.

Light alloy wheels (Schmidt Revolution) together with a flat roof and a notably protrudent vehicle body of the tuning version contribute to the revolutionary, truly sport-looking image. The hood lines running up between aggressively styled headlights in a deep curvature make the design even more expressive. Large air holes flank the front side and rear end of the body, thus causing the feeling as if the car merely absorbs the street.

“We realize, of course, that Volkswagen will not present such a car right now, but the flight of imagination is so fascinating that it won’t give us a moment’s rest”, says Patrick Moczarsky from Miranda Media.


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