Rant: Ford Fiesta’s Busted Nose

Rant: Ford Fiesta’s Busted Nose

2011 Ford Fiesta front view
Some things should just be left alone, however small the changes may be. Case in point, the North American Ford Fiesta’s front nose. The European Fiesta looked perfect all around, but in an effort to make the North American version just that bit more unique, Ford found it necessarily to put a dent in an otherwise cohesive design. The culprit — the modification made to the upper front grille. One thing the European Fiesta had going for it was that it looked relatively premium for its class. The change made to the US/Canadian model makes it look cheap and more like, well, a subcompact car.

You could argue that Ford had to do something to align the Fiesta’s styling to its North American design language, which includes a bold and shiny three-blade grille; however, I think the company’s designers could have done a better job. Either that or they shouldn’t have done anything, not until at least the next-gen Fiesta comes along.

Now onto the Fiesta sedan — that thing looks like a bloated toy. God knows its razor front grille is a size too small and only helps make the overall car look uninspired. Note to Ford: If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it in. What do you guys think?


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