6 Things To Consider When Buying A Used Car Engine Online

Buying just an engine is a different experience than buying a whole car.

People buy used automotive engines for a range of reasons. Some want to modify their vehicles over time, while others need to replace an old, failed engine. Why might you be looking for one?

Buying a used engine online is less expensive than buying a new one, but to avoid wasting money, you’ll need to ensure that your purchase is in good condition. In this article, we cover six important things to consider when buying a used engine.

1. Making The Right Choice

Not all engines are built the same, and before making an online purchase from Sir Car Part, you’ll need to be sure that you’re buying the right engine for your car or truck. Though models from the same manufacturer and within a few years of one another may have some degree of crossover, this isn’t always the case. To avoid unnecessary expense and frustration, check to see which engine your vehicle needs.

2. Is It A Short Or Long Block?

Next, you’ll need to determine whether you need a short or a long block engine. A long block engine comes with all the necessary components, while a short block engine is designed for situations where a full replacement isn’t required. Your installer should be able to tell you which engine option is best for the application.

3. Check The Engine’s Service History

It’s always advisable to get someone to inspect the engine before buying it. However, with online sales, that’s not always possible. Here, you’d ask the vendor to provide the engine’s full service history. When it arrives, ask your installer to look for signs of excessive wear and tear, as they may point to hidden problems.

4. Is It A Salvaged Or A Rebuilt Engine?

When buying a used automotive engine online, you may end up with a rebuilt or salvaged unit. A salvaged engine is one that’s been removed from a car that’s been scrapped because of heavy damage or age. On the other hand, a rebuilt engine has been reconditioned and inspected by skilled technicians. However, with rebuilt engines, it’s important to choose a reputable vendor.

5. Low-Mileage Units

It seems elementary, but many buyers overlook an engine’s mileage. Those with fewer miles typically have less wear and tear just because they haven’t been used as much. If the engine is coming from an intact vehicle rather than a shelf, ask for a vehicle history report to ensure accurate mileage.

6. A Good Warranty

When buying a used engine online, check to see if an extended warranty is available. While reputable vendors sell high-quality products that provide years of reliable service, an extended coverage period will give you peace of mind and protection from future problems.

Keep That Used Automotive Engine Running Smoothly (And Stay on the Road)

No matter where you’re buying a used engine, it’s good to have a trusted mechanic inspect it. Not only will they ensure that you’ve made a good choice, but they can install the engine as well. Whether you’re buying online or in person, it’s crucial to buy from a reputable supplier. After all, you don’t want to invest in an engine only to find that it doesn’t work, or it’s not the right fit! We hope these tips have made you feel confident about searching for and purchasing a used engine online.

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