Video: Jeremy Clarkson Reviews 2012 BMW M1 Coupe

Video: Jeremy Clarkson Reviews 2012 BMW M1 Coupe

2012 BMW M1 Coupe frontview
With the release of next-generation BMW 1 Series just around the corner, Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson has finally got around to review the current 1 Series M coupe. Well, it’s more of a comparison because the Porsche Cayman R and the Lotus Evora are thrown in the mix. So just what does the opinionated Clarkson think about the smallest BMW to wear the “M” badge? Find out after the jump…

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    this is the most awaiting vehicle for the year 2012 and there is a lot of expectaion from this one as well. Only thing to worry about is the price of the vehicle as it will not be affordable all of them.


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