All-new 2012 Toyota Camry Interior Leaked [UPDATE]

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2012 Toyota Camry interior

Toyota has used the past few days to tease us by slowly revealing its new (2012) Camry sedan. Fortunately, there are somethings that are just beyond the Japanese automaker’s control. Just recently, we got a fairly good look at its exterior styling (but nothing on the interior) courtesy of some very good spy shots. This time around, we have a brochure of the Japanese version of the Camry snapped for our viewing pleasure, thus throwing a fat wrench in Toyota’s meticulous reveal. The brochure revealed the ever-elusive interior of the new Camry (in hybrid trim), in addition to revealing more angles of its exterior.

It has been confirmed by several websites that the JDM and North American versions of the new Camry will have the same interiors. And from what we can see, the interior shares quite a few design features with the interior of the next Lexus ES — the centre stack is a dead give-a-way. Overall, the new Camry, although still conservative-looking, is shaping out to have an overall bolder, albeit evolutionary, look than the current model.

[UPDATE] The All-new 2012 Toyota Camry has been revealed: Click here for it.

  • Kwame Owusu

    Yes, Paul, then New Camry is roomier than the outgoing model, but not by much.

  • paul

    It seems to have come with some refining in terms of total interior space, I mean the cabin has been designed to be more spacious than the outgoing model…Is that true?