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The Pros and Cons of Matte Car Paint

As an auto enthusiast, you will likely be aware of the many ways in which you can make the most out of your love for vehicles. To improve the factory version of a car, and to make it look unique to you, there’s an endless amount of modifications that you can apply. 

A car’s paint job is the pinnacle factor in the quality and value of the vehicle. As well as changing the car’s colour, matte paint, glossy paint, and ceramic coating are three examples of coatings that can be applied to alter the vehicle’s appearance, texture and layer protection.

Do-It-Yourself Tips To Paint Your Car Like A Pro

InfraTech Infrared Solutions have provided us with this article that explores the pros and cons of applying matte paint to your car. InfraTech is a supplier of several innovative solutions for curing and drying paint. Their drying lamps utilise infrared technology, allowing for quick and precise results. 

InfraTech’s lamps can be used in a variety of industries, with the automotive sector a speciality, and their clients include Formula 1 championship-winning teams such as Mercedes.

Matte Paint for Cars – The Pros & Cons

Before we begin to look at the pros and cons of matte paint, it’s important to understand what it is and why vehicle owners choose to apply it to their automotive. 

There are two main types of paint finish — glossy and matte. Glossy finish is considered to be the more traditional paintwork appearance for cars. This type of surface is shinier with the light reflecting off the bodywork. 

Matte paint, on the other hand, doesn’t reflect light. Instead, matte paintwork will provide the vehicle with a soft and flat appearance, making the car look much more engaging. 

Both have significant differences and are best used for different purposes. For this article, we will mainly be focussing on the benefits and disadvantages of matte paint as opposed to a glossy finish.

So we know that matte paint provides the car with a non-reflective appearance and that the textures look quite rough and sandy. As with anything in life, this aesthetic is a personal preference. Some people like the non-reflective look while others don’t. 

The core benefit of matte is in the appearance as there are minimal advantages in how it affects functionality. Matte paint is without a doubt a very unique choice, so to be one of a select group to sport this type of paintwork is certainly a pull for many motorists. 

It’s commonly believed that the paint adds a certain level of prestige to any vehicle, and brands such as BMW and Mercedes Benz are popular for equipping this type of paintwork. In many ways, matte is used to get other people to admire your vehicle.

One of the main issues with matte paint is that it can be quite a hassle for many drivers. Ultimately, the decision of a glossy finish versus matte often comes down to whether you’re willing to put time, effort and care into the car. 

Glossy cars are considered low maintenance while matte is on the other end of the spectrum. To look after a matte bodywork, you need to use a range of specialised care products that don’t include ingredients such as silicones and waxes. The wrong type of products can add gloss or ruin the matte appearance overall. 

Similarly, the car must be hand-washed as opposed to an automatic car wash. Damage to matte paintwork can also be irreversible, so damage caused by scratches and etching, for instance, cannot be buffed and removed. 

In general, damage will show up more than it would with other finishes. If not taken care of immediately, small contaminants such as water spots and bird droppings can leave permanent damage. 

The purpose of the vehicle also plays a vital role in determining if you should go for matte or glossy. If you use the vehicle regularly, especially for extreme situations such as driving in wet and muddy weather or towing a caravan, then it may not be a good idea.

If you like the aesthetic appeal of matte paint, and are willing to pay special attention to caring for the car, then it’s worth going for. Otherwise, you may wish to stick with a glossy finish for a cheaper and low maintenance solution.

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