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Why do people still drink and drive?

Drunk Driving

We find out why drivers still get behind the wheel drunk.

Most of us are disgusted at the idea of driving under the influence and potentially harming someone or killing them. It’s humiliating, costly, potentially life-ruining, yet every year, thousands of people are charged and convicted of this selfish behavior.

The Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents

What could possibly be their motivation? Or the reason behind their actions? In this article, we explore why people still drink and drive.

Why People Still Drink And Drive

They’re unaware of the implications

Can you get a DUI if your `key is in the ignition? The simple answer is yes. Believe it or not, many people are charged with drunk driving even if they have no intention of moving their vehicle.

Perhaps they got into the car and then changed their mind after realizing how intoxicated they were.  Maybe they fell asleep with the keys in the ignition before they had a chance to move off. Or perhaps they called a cab from their car and turned the heating on whilst they waited.

Whatever the circumstances may be, if you’re found to be over the legal alcohol limit and you’re in your vehicle with your keys in the ignition, then you can be arrested and charged with a DUI.

They’re embarrassed

It’s a little embarrassing when you’re enjoying yourself and you feel the need to prove to others that you’re not as drunk as they think you are. You want to prove that you’re in control of your actions and you haven’t gotten too drunk.

Perhaps you’re at a work brunch and you don’t want your boss to know you’re intoxicated, or you’re too embarrassed and scared to call your parents and ask them to pick you up from a party.

Sadly, it’s this fear of embarrassment and subsequent pressure that can sometimes lead us to make bad choices, such as getting behind the wheel drunk.

They think they’re fine!

I’m fine to drive! Said no sober person, ever!

One of the main reasons people decide to drink and drive is because they don’t think they’re that intoxicated. Or they think they can control themselves because they’ve been driving for years and they can handle their drink!

Overconfidence is dangerous on the road at the best of times but combine it with alcohol and you’ve got a lethal cocktail on your hands. 

Pressure from friends

We mentioned pressure above, however, peer pressure from friends is another factor that we should consider. Drivers may be completely aware of how intoxicated they are and that they shouldn’t drive, but if their friends are relying on them for a ride home or they don’t want to look foolish and call a cab then they could feel pressured to get behind the wheel anyway.

Final thoughts

Remember, if you’re planning on drinking then leave your car at home! Call a cab or choose a designated driver amongst your party. Driving whilst under the influence simply isn’t worth it.

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